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We are accepting applications for:

1-Year Full-time Professional Diploma in Film/TV Production


1-Year Full-time Professional Diploma in Film/TV Production

Successful graduates of this course are eligible for CEF reimbursement of 80% of tuition fee subject to a maximum of HK$10,000.

Students must meet the attendance rate of 80% or above and satisfy the academic requirements prescribed by the faculty in order to be awarded the Diploma of Graduation.


Course Structure

This is an advanced program consisting of 3 modules which provide a complete, comprehensive and intensive coverage of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in professional film and TV productions. The student shall be required to attend classes and workshops at the Academy every week for a full school year. Upon successful completion of the studies of the prescribed subjects and fulfillment of the requirements by the faculty, the student shall be awarded the “Professional Diploma in Film/TV Production (Full-time)”. Outstanding graduates will be offered assistance in job placement in HKFA affiliated production companies.


Course Details

1st Module – Scriptwriting and Film Production

Designed for students with the aim to become a Screenwriter or a Production Assistant, this module covers every aspect of Scriptwriting like Script Structure, Formats and Genres, Concept Actualization, Scenes Breakdown, Characterization and Psychology, Dialogues, Plot Development, Dramatic Conflicts and Tension, Writing Techniques & Styles etc.
On the other hand, it also covers basic skills & techniques in all aspects of filmmaking from Storyboard to Post-production, including Shots Breakdown, Camera Movements, Basic Lighting Skills for Studio & Location, Operation of Movie and Video Cameras, Sound Recording, Casting, Production Planning & Budgeting etc.

Course Curriculum

Film History & Development
Film/TV writing Skills
Concept Actualization
Story Structure, Script material and research
Shots Breakdown and Storyboarding
Composition & internal movements
Scenes Breakdown: Skills and Techniques
Camera Movements theory & skills
Introduction to Lighting
Creative use of Audio: Relationship between Visual and Audio
Characters Psychology
Building up Dramatic Conflicts and Tension
Use of Storyboard
Film/TV Pre Production
Rehearsal & Blocking
Location Scouting
Production Planning and Budgeting
Audio & Post Production Dubbing
Lighting Set-ups: Studio and Location
Film Distribution
Introduction to Editing
Dubbing & Audio mixing



2nd Module – Professional Cinematography & Lighting

Designed to meet the increasing demand of professionalism in motion picture photography by the film industry, it equips the student with the theories, practical skills and aesthetic knowledge in every aspect of Advanced Cinematography and Lighting with the use of professional equipment like Arriflex 35mm, Betacam and HDV Cameras, Studio and On-location Lighting facilities. Also included is the operation of the professional Steadicam taught only at the H K Film Academy in Hong Kong .

Course Curriculum

Structure and Operation of Film Camera
Types and Structure of the Lens
Film Loading and Unloading
Difference between f/stop & T/stop, Depth of Field
Introduction to Hyperfocal Distance
5C’s of Cinematography
Relationship between Aspect Ratio & Composition
Film Vs TV
Film Stock and Characteristics
Exposure: Film Speed (ISO), Shutter Speed and Aperture
Lighting Techniques: Skills and Practice
Aesthetics of Color: Color Temp, White Balance, Use of Filters
Camera Movement – Track Shot
Lighting & Contrast Ratio
Aesthetics of Composition
Film Aesthetics: time & Camera Movement
Lighting: Mood Creation
Film Aesthetics: Light & Color
Film Aesthetics: Color Psychology
Film Aesthetics: Space
Subject Space Relationship
Importance of lighting in Film Style
Long Take, Deep Focus & Montgae
Camera Movement: Hand Held
Steadicam Operation
Introduction to News Reel and Documentary Production
Use of Green Screen and Blue Screen
Use of Fast/Slow Motion
Film Style: Realism & Expressionism



3rd Module – Directing and Computer Editing

Designed for those who aim to be a Film Director eventually, this module covers all aspects of a Film Director's duties and professional know-how ranging from Concept Realization to Signature Development, from Shots Breakdown to Mise-En-Scene, from Pre-production Planning to Post-Production Editing and Effects. with emphasis on the Use of Transitions and Filters, Titles and Special Effects etc.


Course Curriculum

Director’s job duties
Actualization: From Script to Shooting
Aesthetics of Camera Movement
Pre Production and Budgeting
Production Crew Protocol
Directors & Actors Interpretation
Script Actualization
Shot Breakdown & 3-shot-thinking Mise-en-Scene
Film Genre & Film Style
Film Appreciation & criticism
Director’s Style & Film Aesthetics
Building up personal Director’s style
Concept of Editing
Art of Editing
Editor as a Story Teller
Editing & Creative Space
Introduction to Editing Software
Online & Offline Editing
Elements of Advertisement
Elements of trailer
Sound effects Production
Sound Editing & Mixing
Audio Dubbing & Sound effects
Film Financing & Film Distribution




Course Schedule:  10 Sept 2015 – 30 June 2016,

Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri, 10:00 – 15:00



Payment Details


Local Students: HK$58,000 / Year


International Students: US$35,000 / Year


Material Fee:

Local Students: HK$6,000 / Year


International Students: US$2,000 / Year


Application Fee:

Local Students: HK$1000 / Year  

International: US$800 / Year


7th Aug 2015 (while seats available)




Tel 3901-3920


Mailing Address

Hong Kong Film Academy

P. O. Box 120, Shatin Central Post Office, Hong Kong





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