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Diploma in Director's Creative Performing for Film / TV

Successful graduates of this course are eligible for CEF reimbursement of 80% of tuition fee subject to a maximum of HK$10,000.

Students must meet the attendance rate of 80% or above and satisfy the academic requirements prescribed by the faculty in order to be awarded the Diploma of Graduation.

The course is designed for those who aim to work in the Film & TV industries. The course covers practical theories and professional skills in Acting. The Students will learn body language, Emotional Response, Characters Interpretation, Method Acting, Voice Control, Dubbing Skills, Blocking and Role Play Exercise etc.


Course Curriculum

1. Interpretation of Script and Characters

2. Acting for Master-Shot and Shot-to-Shot

3. Spatial Relationship of an Actor within the Frame

4. Skills of the Use of Body Language

5. Principles of Camera’s and Actor’s Movements

6. Mise-en-scene and Positioning Actors

7. Effective Communication between Director and Actor

8. Dry-run Rehearsal and Blocking

9. Principles and Use of Method Acting

10. Exercises in Expressions and Responses

11. Shots Breakdown for Action Scenes

12. Treatment of a Comedy Scenario

13. Lighting for Characteristics.

14. Acoustic and Creative Control of Actor’s Sound

15. Building up Confidence & Self-Image

Date : 2015-10-7 ~ 2016-1-20

Time:Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm


Tuition Fee:

Local Students: HK$9,980

International Students: US$3,000


Application Fee:

Local Students: HK$300

International students: US$200






Phone: 3901-3920

Fax: 3548-7754





Mailing Address: 

Hong Kong Film Academy

P. O. Box 120, Shatin Central Post Office, Hong Kong






Application Form (Local Students)

Application Form (International Students)


| Scriptwriting | Computer Digital Editing | Cinematography | Basic Film Production | Acting |


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